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A big leap in consumer behavior has occurred as customers have shifted their attention towards social media for searching product information and buying it. The time spending behavior, especially, of millennial have shifted from search engines to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. The business leads reaching to an exaggerating levels of 40% of total lead generation in comparison to other mediums through social mediums has made it imperative for businesses to actively participate in Social Media Marketing Delhi efforts for business generation activities. The instant rise of Smart Phones and corresponding faster Wi-Fi ranging to the speed levels of 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G has aggravated the need of Social Media Services in Delhi and other locations in NCR. With social media marketing services in Delhi there are a plethora of advantages that are offered to a brand for its online proliferation and promotional advantages.

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How Our Social Media Marketing Strategy Impact Lead and Conversion...

Increase Brand Awareness

As young brigade of millennial most of the time remain clinging over to the mobile phones or some other social medium. Being the most potential prospect of the consumer products on social mediums like Facebook and Twitter, it offers a perfect platform for your product and services to have a better reach and access among the consumers based upon their preferences and choices.

Increase Audience Loyalty

As already evident, the mass audience presence on social media required to be converted into the loyal customers is to be achieved by and through the specific customer campaign and activities. The brand centric campaign activities like contest, coupons and viral campaigns could be achieved and accessed out. This increases engagement level with a customer.


The most imperative and user friendly data for the purpose of analytics and further business proliferation is being attained by Feedback in social media marketing activities in Delhi. The feedback about a product or services is being attained by the medium of like, comments, share and other social media stats that help a website to grow and expand.

Base of Potential Customers

Another biggest advantage offered by a social media marketing in Delhi is an attainment of massive chunk of potential customers that in forms of friend lists, pages and group members remain exist on social media sites. What you are required to do is to attain just reach that contacts and begin pitching on social media marketing sites and develop an engagement level to convert them into a lead.

Customer Engagement

An inbound marketing initiative, Social Media Services in Delhi are concentrated more towards customer engagement in order to generate valuable business lead and conversion. Our social media campaigns are designed and customized to the get your customer remain interactive and attracted towards your product and services at large.

Coloursquare's Strategy to Make Social Media Impactful...
Get your brand always at the top position on social media with respect to organic as well as paid traffic.

To turn deliberate negative and tarnished social media reputation into a positive turnout.

Offering comprehensive campaign strategy after analyzing the all the social media options and bringing the best offer.

Bringing the better campaign strategies after detailed study of existing social media data.

Driving out the intelligent decisions from social media analytics.

A Broader Spectrum of Social Media Marketing Activities in Delhi...

Social Bookmarking

The URL of the website based upon the various categories is posted on the various popular social media sites.

Creation of Social Networking Profiles

Social networking profile of client site is made on the various social networking sites.

G+ Promotion

Website profile is created on Google plus and posts related to client services are promoted on Google plus promotion.

Facebook Promotion

Website on the Facebook after creating the profile is promoted for the Facebook Space by the means of Like, Fan Page and groups are promoted.

LinkedIn Promotion

Website profile is being promoted on the Linkedin by the means of creating profile and is further promoted by making the related posts and sharing it at online community.

Twitter Promotion

The twitter profile of the company is being used for the promotion of a company on twitter by posting tweets, re-tweeting and sharing them online.

Pinterest Promotion

After making account, the posts are shared on pinterest and are a photo sharing site.

Social Event Marketing

Through this, a client’s business is ensured through social event marketing for a website promotion.

Live Casting

In the live casting and streaming, a live video stream of an event occurring at the point of place is being distributed across various online channels.

Online Product Reviews

Company’s products are shared on various online sites.

Social Television

The videos related to various services and products of a company are shred on social television sites.

Audio and Music Sharing

At the various social media sites, music and audio is shared through different sites.

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