Corporate & Social Responsibility.

We, at coloursquare, are fully aware of environmental problems surrounding us. We have instructed all our employees to install the CNG kit compulsorily and carpool whenever possible. We have also asked the Graphics Department to conserve paper and print ONLY if no other option is available.

Social Awareness and Beneficial Activities

The company has opened a Gym named Fitholic Gym for the benefit of all classes of our society. The charges applied cover the minimum when compared to similar facilities in near viccinity. This we have done on our own and keeping the need of social welfare in focus.

The equipments provided are the latest and the best. We have decided to cover the equipment replacement (depreciation) plus a nominal profit helping us to keep going. On top of it, we offer generous discounts on annual memberships.

Donations from Top of Profits

Though our profits are minimal, we still skim off of the top and donate to different charities whenever they ask for. So far we have helped organisations like Eye-camps, knee replacement surgeries to name a few. We intend to keep this work progressing forever.

Our employees are also aware of our programmes and often donate a part of their salaries. Their choice of keeping themselves anonymous indicates their noble feelings. We encourage our neighbours and corporates to add to this kitty and some of them do oblige us.

End Note

We agree that our society needs more participation from everyone. But we cannot force anyone to join us. As far as the society does its bit when in need, we feel we have met the objective. We believe that good work needs no strict rules or timeframes. One needs to comply whenever they have the time. Doing is the key.

Rest assured, will keep this noble work marching on, without fail.

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