Advertising Cycle

What is an Advertising Cycle Weaved around Discount Cycle?

Millennial generation is sooner becoming a reality for the Indian market as well. Bombarded with an intensive number of discount offers and mega sales, Indian youth too is edging towards making most of their purchases, online. They are getting inclined towards discounts and consumer marketing content available to them from different resources.

In the generation, when, digital shopping is imbibed by the youth to a greater extent, they tries to follow and aims for the exorbitant and unrealistic discount coupons from all the possible resources and activities.  In order to search for the discount offers they consumes a great number of content. According to the need and market demands, the advertising agencies in Delhi have started offering objective and solutions. 

According to a survey around 46% of urban and 57% of rural internet users in India are below the age of 25 and have intensive propensity towards using internet and are avid online shoppers. Convenience and price comparisons are the main drivers for online shopping towards India.

Indian shoppers, especially, youth is very price sensitive and therefore they look for the different options to get engaged and receive discounts. The brands, therefore, are assisted by leading advertising agencies to prototype and prepare their advertising campaigns. Discounts, Cashback, Every Season Sale and Exclusive offers are some of the teasers offered by the agencies to lure clients towards them.

The online marketer’s carryout this activity in order to keep their customers intensively engaged turning customers to be discount addicts or sale-oholics. Brands require a different approach to engage with this generation. They are always online, always in the mood of shopping and always ready to consume the relevant content. Moreover, they are ready to give the customer feedback, immediately. So, in order to press upon the need for more intensively following discount sales strategy brands and advertising agencies in Delhi are following many strategies. One such important strategy is receiving instant feedback from the clients that is to allow them suggest their instant opinion about product features and benefits.

Next strategy adopted by an advertising agency in Delhi is offering free content with unique product placements. OLA, Airtel, Coke have done it quite, successfully, and have created multiple impressions upon the clients.  

Another methods that are employed and are quite contemporary is using analytics and artificial intelligence to get through the consumer habits.   Artificial intelligence is being introduced merely not only to solve the current problems do also optimize even the customer experience with respect to their behaviors. They encourage consumers to offer their feedback as well too.  






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