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The Best Company for Huge Exhibition and Stall Fabrication in Mumbai

In creating the exhibition stall fabrication an exemplary feat, especially, when the size of the stall is beyond 200 yards and more. It is quite simple to stand an ordinary smaller exhibition stall, however, erecting a huge stall, there is always a requirement of architectural knowledge and skills to make it happen. Hence, ColourSquare has emerged as an outstanding Exhibition stall fabricator in Mumbai that caters to the exhibition and stall designing needs of the financial capital of the country.

When creating a mega stall structure, it is just not making about massive structures but creating a more appealing, aesthetically sound and brand friendly exhibition stall design.  At an exhibition, it is about three second’s time that a stall can make a passerby still and look at it. ColourSquare as an expert stall designer, therefore, uses that three second window to its full usage and exploitation. ColourSquare, therefore, makes the massive stall structures simply and differentiate you from other exhibition brands in the market.

We just not stand structures but work as a messenger for your brand and develop the entire stall based upon the theme and idea related to your product. Some of the unique characteristics of our stalls follow as:-

•    Our exhibition stalls are mostly theme based and introduce an exciting methods for to make a client’s exhibition stall entirely different. At the stall props can be added in order to engage people. Concept based stalls helps in a great way to be introduced around.  There are so many great themes to choose from but be wary you don’t go OTT.


•    ColourSqaure further uses fabric in order to introduce and culcate effective and robust exhibition stalls with instant footfalls and designs out there. Whether you use fabric to drape, wrap around or as partitions for your stand, it can make a really great addition to exhibition stalls.

•    Lighting is another aspects where coloursquare has expertise making wonderful and massive exhibition stalls. A good lighting enhances an exhibition stands requirement to a greater extent and footfall approximately by 30-50 percent.

•    With usage of graphics and engaging content ColourSquare makes the branding fitting for your client’s product and services and clearly manifesting a client’s branding goals and activities.  The engaging content, there, hence is graphics, videos and engaging content is great for catching people’s attention.

•    Sound and music is a most effective and integrated way to offer customers something unique and exciting to visit at your stall.  With a mixture of sound and music, your brand idea gets easily reflected and makes a favorable impression over visitors mind.


Therefore, coloursquare is your best choice to selecting out a suitable exhibition stall fabricator in Mumbai.


Coloursquare is the best among top advertising agencies in India, having in-house facilities of exhibition stall fabrication, print, design, marketing & lots more.
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