Exhibition Booth With ROI (Return on Investment)

How to lure prospects towards your exhibition booth?

There are many types of stalls at an expo depending upon the type of companies and brands participating out there. It is very easy for a big brand to create exclusive and massive stalls worth attracting massive crowd towards your stalls on the pretext and extensive usage of cash and sharing other monetary benefits to the visitors. However, if you are middle level or a small company, then, it is essential to go with a creative approach for your exhibition stall designing to aid your brand to be outstanding at the trade expo. A good and nice looking booth design attract prospects in holding a client’s attention. Below are given certain excellent ideas that will help you to reap the benefits of client savvy exhibition stall design in Delhi or some other place.

•    Wise Use of Props at Stalls: The companies sometime use props and other objects to attract crowd at the stalls, however, that crowd rarely converts into prospect or into a lead. Whatever, maneuvering, is being to be carried out at the exhibition stall should be close enough to the aspects of companies product and services and various benefits met out from them to the end user and customer. It has no substance, just like that cotton candy.

•    Instead, Only Rely on Your Brand Values: So, you are at the expo attracting your clients and prospects with a variable types of product features and benefits. It is always good to introduce your client with newer series of your product and services, but, remember how often you have told them about your company and the success saga of your company. It is the task of sales and marketing team to review and tell their prospects about the trade show experience connecting with the overall brand success.   

•    Giveaway Always Should be Brand Centric: So, instead of getting frustrating about efforts of marketing team, you should rather concentrate, about the giveaways  at and around your exhibition booth and even ask exhibition stall designer in Delhi or Mumbai to go with your words. The giveaway, hence, should always be close to your brand. You could rather opt for interacting stall and booth deigns where marketing and sales team should have productive time with the clients.

•    Instead of Showcasing Invite your Prospects: The next important part, when luring your prospects towards your stall then it is about designing the exhibition stall, accordingly. A good attractive stall should be non-obstructive to the visitors as avoiding setting chairs, reception immediately at the stall. Here, your prospects will start their brand experience with a physical barrier and obstruction.

Now with the above mentioned ideas you are ready to bring a better glitch and prospects with a surety towards generating leads.  



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