Web Design and Development-1


Web Design and Development for First-timers – Part 1.

Newbie clients—trying to get a website for the first time--are like children. In the single attempt they want to include everything: selfies, company history, sliders, bigger text sizes, graphics … in their unending list. Irrespective of their target-audience, they are adamant on replicating a particular site design, liked earlier.

Website designing is a challenging task. Not only you need to meet your client’s expectations, but take care of the nitty gritty’s, scattered here and there. While maintaining the necessary layout is of utmost importance (which the client may not know), client’s wishes also need to be accommodated in.

The Best Way Forward to creating Websites for Newbies The most important step, is, NOT to invite them to your workplace. Many budding designers, in order to get good feedback and ratings, make this mistake. Majority clients are new to design changes and very much amazed how quickly we can do those. Seldom do they know the other intrinsic work that follows, which is laborious.

With this basic mistake sorted out, let us proceed on our topic.

Present only a few basic sites, with slightly changed layouts.
Let your clients first settle in the site design. Let the idea percolate down, as if it is their own house they are moving in. Later on, they may suggest some practical difficulties which a vendor can solve or at the most display a totally different design. Else they may ask you to mix and match from different designs and bring your work to a standstill.

Warn your clients about a potentially powerful Copyright issue
Again, many are not aware about copyright protection in India. Many feel Google is the easiest to get pictures from and no money is involved. It will be best to ask the clients to procure images themselves and send to you from their email-id, safeguarding you.

Get the air clear on layouts, data, pictures beforehand!

Indians are astute, and come with a hidden agenda. Once the basic layout is finalized, they may send you tons of data thinking all the typing plus sizing images etc. is included in the package. They may even create a ruckus in your office, expecting you to bow down.

Same is the explanation for monetary aspects. Create a table putting all charges clearly. Make them tick the boxes before having their signatures on the order. This, on one hand, will safeguard you and on the other hand, prepare you client’s mindset.

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