Attractive Exhibition Stand

Designing an Engaging and Attractive Exhibition Stand

Creating unique, engaging and attractive exhibition stand design is the best way to achieve the success at an exhibition or expo. The saying ‘first impression is the last impression’, fits perfectly while hosting an exhibition stall in a trade fair. First look of your exhibition stall should be pleasing and attractive so that your customer choose you, instead of choosing your competitors.

No matter how superior the products and services of your brand is, or how strong and well trained marketing team you have, poorly designed exhibition stand can divert your audience towards your competitor’s stall. Here are some strategies to help you showcase an eye-catchy exhibition stand design in the trade fair.

•    Set An Exhibition Goal: What goal do you want to achieve from the exhibition stall in Mumbai or any other leading expo city. What message you want to convey to your customers? There are some questions that you have to keep in mind at the time of designing the exhibition stall. Most amazing exhibition stand may fail to achieve the exhibition goals, if it does not convey your company’s message, image, mission and vision. And one more thing you need to care for is your branding position in your exhibition design. Such as- Is your company caring, creative, high-tech or traditional?

•    Target Audience: When coming up with an exhibition stall it is necessary to keep in mind that you are hosting the exhibition for your customers not for yourself. Keeping target audience in mind will help you to focus on your concept towards their wants and needs. After all, it’s of no use of designing amazing exhibition stall for those prospects who are not going to buy from you. The aid from exhibition stall designer helps you a lot in convince your audience about your product and services.

•    Space Maximization: As we all know that your exhibition stall design is key to attract your customers. The most important point of your exhibition stand design that you need to focus upon is the dimension of exhibition booth. When going to design an exhibition stall you need to make sure that you are taking full advantage of space allotted for displaying exhibition stall.

Always take care of few points while fabricating the exhibition stall - make sure that your stand is taller than your competitors, see that your company’s logo is on the top on the stand, and there is no physical barrier at the entrance of you stall.

•    Proper Usage of Text:  Sometimes less is more, this formula fits perfectly when it comes to display text on exhibition stall. Make sure your wording is as minimum as possible. No need to use full sentence when single word is sufficient to convey that message you are trying to deliver to your target audience. Use effective and eye-catchy verb to spread the message across.
Use large fonts that are clear enough to be seen from distance. Put your text on the top half of your exhibit stand so that it is not blocked by people in your display area.

•    Graphics: Message becomes clearer when visuals are added to words. Using right graphics in an exhibition stand design can express the complex idea easily without using lots of texts. Good graphics and images enhance the stand and also increase foot falls on your booth. Images on your stand should be placed according to the text, font design and size should be accurate so that it can be clearly visible from distance.

•    Lightning: Use of lights at the exhibition stand allows the visitors at your stand to read the message, clearly. Using lightning on your display is not luxury, rather, it is a tool through which you can easily spread your message to your visitors. It can convey certain atmosphere and image. Lighting can also be used to highlight a particular area of your booth to bring attention of the customers on the products or services you are introducing at your exhibition stand in Mumbai at a trade show.

Hence, it is clear that attractiveness of an exhibition stand is just not limited to a single factor, however, there is a mixture of a number of aspects that cumulatively develop a mundane wooden structure into an excellent looking exhibition stand.       




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