Exhibition Stand Flooring Ideas

Creative flooring ideas for exhibition stands

Exhibitors wish to showcase their brand and exhibition stand with ultimate perfection in the trade show. They focus on every nook and corner of the exhibition booth to make their show a success.

From structure to branding, from ambiance to meeting area we pay heed on each part of the stand, but sometimes we lack behind while focusing on the flooring. But we should not forget that flooring is not their just to walk on, it’s there to enhance your stand. Flooring influences how a visitor will see the size, shape, function, and atmosphere of a stand. Attractive flooring elevates the footfalls.

 Indeed, we cannot put any add-ons on the floor to make it beautiful, but we can make it appealing by adding creativity in the designing of the floor. There are endless flooring options and it is quite obvious that you will get confused in choosing the right one for you. No need to worry much, we are the Best Exhibition Stand Builder and we have bought some amazing flooring ideas to add stars on your exhibition booth.

Use coloured carpet

Using coloured carpet is the simplest option to make your flooring attractive but don’t skip it. It is said the simplicity carries the real beauty, the same theory applies to your stand too. Instead of using grey or green, go for something colourful. Use your brand colour or match the floor colour with the theme of your stand.

Continue your graphics

Use the flooring according to the graphics of the stand. To enhance the look of your stand use the same graphics patterns or colours and copy or continue it on the floor. It will make your booth attractive and as a result, you will get more visitors and leads on your stand.

Transport your visitors to a location

Take your visitors to a destination or a location by using location graphics such as train tracks on to a floor or a yellow brick road. This will help you to engage your audience and promote your products and services. Your Exhibition Stand Consultant will guide you about the best flooring designs that fit according to your brand’s need.

Add some texture

Give your stand a new feel by adding eye-pleasing and attractive texture to it. Use the theme of your stand in the flooring. Whether that’s astro, wooden flooring or metal theme using flooring according to the stand theme will add beauty to your stand and produce real-like look.

Use 3d flooring

Using 3D flooring in your stand will enhance your stand’s outlook and elevate your brand image. This type of flooring makes your stand look attractive and double your footfalls. 3D flooring unlike other types of decorative flooring is distinguished by its uniqueness and gives your stand an outstanding appearance.

These are the best flooring options that you can ask your Exhibition Stand Builder to use while installing your exhibition booth.


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