Light weighted material for exhibition booths

Best light weighted material for exhibition booths to use for exhibitions in Cologne

It’s quite challenging to manage and transport heavy exhibition material from one place to another. And that’s the reason why exhibitors from all around the globe are preferring light weighted materials for their exhibition booth designing.

Light weighted booth materials are cost-effective, easy to transport, manage and install.

Below is the list of some light weighted exhibition materials that can be used to minimalize the heft of your exhibits in your next exhibition in Cologne. Not every material is perfect for every industry but you can select some feather weighted materials to lighten your load that matches your industrial requirements.

Tensioned fabric is also known as fabric graphic is one of the best light weighted material used for exhibition stand designing. It can easily be folded without causing any crease. Due to versatility and capabilities, this fabric is proven as an ideal solution for exhibition stand designing. There are endless benefits of using fabric graphics, they are easy to pack, shipped, install and provide a perfect canvas for bold graphics and lightning. The flexibility of the product gives the opportunity to pour creativity in designing and creating attention-grabbing graphics to stand out on the exhibition ground.

Interlocking cardboards are another essential light weighted material gaining immense popularity in the exhibition industry. Interlocking or corrugated cardboards can easily be customized with your graphics and can be organized into everything from walls to artworks. This cardboard can be used in different ways such as in creating freestanding partitions, table base, etc.

By using the new eco-friendly cardboard exhibition stand the exhibitors can affordably grab attendee’s attention. This material is good for both seasoned as well as new exhibitors. By using traditional cardboards experienced exhibitors can update their branded stand display and new exhibitors can use this material instead of using a boring shell scheme.

Eco-friendly traditional cardboard gives you full freedom to infuse creativity in the exhibition stand and build an unmatchable brand image among the target audience.

Along with eco-friendly quality, this cardboard is easy to transport, install and can be used in different stand sizes. The cardboards are 100% recyclable and durable and can be the best choice for your next exhibition in Cologne.


Honeycomb core has become a new preference for exhibitors in Cologne. The panel comes in a bright white and brown colour and is widely used in the packaging industry. But as these panels are easy to cut from on a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, and are lightly weighted as compared to wood and aluminum-frame structures, they are suitable for exhibit material.

They can be covered with other materials to give them a flawless finish.

Although, paper elements provide less structural support than cardboard, but it gives highly artistic capabilities that make it widely accepted by the exhibitors in Europe. Its amazing organic quality provides a sense of softness to the booth structure.


These materials are not only light weighted and easy to transport but are also a cost-effective way to exhibit your brand uniquely in the market. By using these light weighted exhibition booth materials an exhibitor can set up an amazing brand value in the exhibition in Cologne that can provide favourable results in present as well as in the future.


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