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ColourSquare, a leading exhibition stall designer in Delhi has set its reputation, internationally, and has extended its local reach beyond India. It has a vast pool of dedicated and professional stall designers with an international exposure to create exhibition stall across for all industries and areas in premier exhibition centers of the world.

In offering international stall designing services, coloursquare, works as your local partner with an international reach and choice. We have an international exposure offering exhibition stall designing services of repute in centers as Paris, Dubai, Germany, Spain and other major places in European Union and Middle - East.

ColourSquare, merely, not handles stall fabrication requirements at the same time is a proficient in offering the end-to-end stall services for the international exhibition project activities and stalls including design, logistics and fabrications, set up and dismantling in coordination with the trusted stall designing services provider from across the globe. What benefits the client most from our services is a complete know-how of the foreign land thus saving the valuable time otherwise wasted in logistic and transporting on the foreign shore.

The international exhibition stall services by coloursquare let an expo participant to enjoy the following unique exhibition stall services by us.

  • We let you have an easy access to very large audience background coming from the different background.
  • ColourSquare an exhibition stall designer in Germany let you to enjoy the leisure of hassle free exhibition stall designing services, globally.
  • We seamlessly integrate brand values and local ethos in our exhibition stall designing services in Delhi.
  • Special focus upon a brand's requirments for a massive footfall and lead generation.

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Coloursquare is the best among top advertising agencies in India, having in-house facilities of exhibition stall fabrication, print, design, marketing & lots more.
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